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JT WhatsApp is a modified version in which many extra features are available that are not in official WhatsApp. It is also known as Whatsapp+ JiMODs (JTWhtasapp ) which is the most popular alternative of official whatsapp.

Android .08+

Version: 9.82

62.92 MB

What is JT WhatsApp ?

Jt whatsapp is the modern updated version of Whatsapp with many customized features that users like to use but not in whatsapp, in this apk you have extra privacy features, many customization in color, fonts, user interface and many extra features which are in highly demanded in whatsapp family.

WhatsApp JT is the most modified version of whatsapp and only available in pink color, it is very popular in the market because of its friendly, unique user interface and modified features. Here you have many cool features that are not in official whatsapp. We can see that this is the most used tool in the whatsapp community and has become a part of life for many people. WhatsApp GB is most similar whatsapp version with WA JT .

Application Information

App Name WhatsApp JT
Size62.92 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Modified Features
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

WhatsApp JT APK Download Latest Version 9.82

Why are people using WhatsApp JT ?

Nowadays many people use WhatsApp mods like GB Whatsapp, King WhatsApp, BT Whatsapp and whatsapp plus. WhatsApp JT is also the most demanding whatsapp mod which gives you many desired features of your need so people love to customize whatsapp because of their multiple extra features. You can also download King WhatsApp for same features.

Features of JT WhatsApp

Free to Download

You can download whatsapp JT from the download but it is free of cost just download and enjoy the more controlled conversion with your friends and family.

Safe and Secure

JT WhatsApp is safe and secure. This mod does not contain any suspicious file or any kind of virus which can harm your mobile .Download this application and enjoy.

Regular Updates

Whatsapp jt is updated on a regular basis and you will receive a notification when it will be updated, you have to do that go to our website and download the WhatsApp JT latest version and when you update the application your data and chat will be restored automatically.

Share Large Video

This modified application gives you the best feature through which you can send files up to 30MB. On the other hand, official whatsapp allows you just 16 MB file capacity. HM WhatsApp updated version has also long video sharing feature.

Image Quality

Official whatsapp has some disadvantages like if you can send an image to any its quality decreases automatically but WhatsApp JT gives you the feature to send files with the same quality that you have in your mobile.

Themes and customization

If you are the person who love to make changes in whatsapp like customize your whatsapp according to you needs and official whatsapp does not allow you to change anything accept the chat wallpaper but with this mod you have option to customize with hundred of themes, emojis, fonts, colors and many other things.

Light Weight

It is a very light weight application and very easy to use as it has the same theme as the original whatsapp so you can use this application easily and it does not consume more space on your mobile.

Font Color

You can make multiple changes with fonts and colors normally in original whatsapp you have only black color fonts but in this app you can change your font color according to your choice.

Hide status from other

You have the option to make full privacy on your status, you can manage who can see your status or not, by restricting those people from contact.

Download View Once Media

As we know Whatsapp has a feature to send files with restriction of view once you can not see this file 2nd time, this mod has a feature to download this type of file on one click.

Hide Last Seen

This application has one more popular feature of hiding live status with you contacts, while you are online. you can hide your visibility with this feature to you selective contacts.

Download profile pictures

Now you have the option to download the profile picture of any contact without any permission or taking a screenshot you can simply download the DP of any contact without knowing them. This is most demanding feature in whatsapp so you can also download HAWA whatsapp updated version for this feature.

Some Additional Features

  • This is very light and easy to use.
  • You can easily change the application icon.
  • Additional emojis and stickers.
  • Get deleted messages back.
  • You can download deleted status.
  • Send messages to unlimited contacts.
  • You can hide a blue tick for delivery.
  • Change the whole app color.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Use multiple accounts.
png transparent whatsapp logo whatsapp computer icons telephone call whatsapp grass internet mobile phones thumbnail removebg preview

Official WhatsApp

  • Never hide online status
  • Don’t allow Airplane Mode
  • Don’t Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
  • 130 Status Character Length
  • Not supported
  • Never hide last seen
  • No customization
  • No custom call blockers
  • Old cheat look
png clipart whatsapp logo computer icons whatsapp blue text removebg preview 1

JT WhatsApp

  • Hide online status
  • Allow Airplane Mode
  • Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
  • 225 Status Character Length
  • Additional Themes Supported
  • Hide Last seen
  • Fully Customize
  • Custom Call Blockers
  • New Chat Lock

Personal Experience

After too many research i found this WhatsApp mod to fulfill my requirements i use many other mods and i found that this one is good for customization you can change the complete theme and appearance of you whatsapp and best this is it is very low weight application you can essay use iron any android phone even with low RAM. There are some other whatsapp advanced versions you can download in free.

How to download and install WhatsApp JT

It is very easy to download and install JTWhatsApp just follow these steps:

  • Download the WhatsApp JT file from the download button given in the above article.
  • Make a backup of your chats first.
  • Enable unknown devices from your mobile settings. (please turn off after installation )
  • Go to your mobile downloaded folder.
  • Tap on WhatsApp JT downloaded apk file installation will start.
  • Allow all the permission which are required.
  • After installation is completed the application icon appears on the home screen.

How to create account on WhatsApp JT

  • After installation, open the application.
  • After that tap on get started and add your mobile number you want to use.
  • You will receive verification code in your mobile inbox.
  • Simply copy paste verification code in the app.
  • Enjoy the WhatsApp JT.


In this above article we will explain all the features of this powerful modified version of whatsapp, which has many amazing features. We will discuss all the important information and explain its all features. If you are going to download this application we are the best whatsapp mod providers you can download from our website without any hesitation.

This is a modified version of simple whatsapp with many enhanced options.

Yes it is safe and secure, you can use it without any damages.

Yes, you can update this application without losing data.

Yes, you can use it with your official whatsapp, but it may violate some terms and conditions of the official whatsapp so there is a chance of your account being banned if you use both accounts at same time.

No, you can use this application on only one device. If you use it on multiple devices then it’s clear that your account will surely be banned.

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