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Fouad WhatsApp is the mod version of a social messaging app called whatsapp LLC. It comes with tons of advanced features like advanced privacy features, customizations, and multiple security options, multiple messaging and status features that are missing in official whatsapp.

Android .08+

Version: v9.81

70 MB

Modified versions of whatsapp come with a variety of advanced features which can make your social whatsapp app more customized and under control you can use this mod according to your needs.

There are many great features in this mod WhatsApp Fouad like you can recover deleted messages, hide online status, download status with single click, you can change the whole theme, color and fonts style also you have the best security features.

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Fouad Whatsapp Apk

There are many other whatsapp mods and have almost same features like you can check Whatsapp GB, another whatsapp mod called jt Whatsapp these are also similar like Fouad WhatsApp.

What Is Fouad WhatsApp Apk?

WhatsApp Fouad is an updated mod version of whatsapp messenger. Which can pack with bunch of new modified features that can completely change your whatsapp experience because it comes with too many features to give you more and more control on whatsapp.

This whatsapp has many customization features in which you can customize your whole whatsapp according to your needs, you can make personalize privacy settings, change themes from a wide collection, use best security locks, and many extra charming features.

In WhatsApp Fouad you can hide your online status, download anyone’s status without any other application, you can recover deleted messages, your file limit will be increased as you have a very low limit in the official whatsapp messenger app.

Application Information

App Name Fouad WhatsApp
Size70 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Extra Features
Downloads 10000000+
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest Version v9.81

Fouad WhatsApp Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 and more
iPhoneiOS 12 and more
KaiOS2.5.0 and more
Infographic Fouad WhatsApp
Infographic: Fouad WhatsApp

Why do we use WhatsApp Fouad ?

If you want to increase your whatsapp experience with more advanced features of modified versions then this is for you. You can improve your privacy with a wide range of advanced features, make your whatsapp security more advanced by using WhatsApp Fouad amazing security features, you have multiple customization options like themes, colors, font, and you can even change the whole whatsapp look and set it according to your choice. This whatsapp mod has many extra features which are very useful for anyone so it’s better to use WhatsApp Fouad institute of simple whatsapp with limited old features.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Safe To Use ?

as we all know that this is a modified copy of whatsapp and developed by third-party developers so its batter to use it just for daily rutine use and enjoy its new modified featurs.
As per developers they make this whatsapp version end to end encrypted which means your message will not be seen by any other person expected sender and receiver.
but still we recommend you please do not shares your personal data like your private images and videos in any social media sharing platform.

Main Features


WhatsApp Fouad comes with many advanced features that can make it different from other mods. It has a beautiful interface with many other customization in themes and fonts and colors.

Anti Ban

This whatsapp mod comes with the best anti ban feature in which your whatsapp can never be banned in any case you can use it safely .

Freeze Last Seen

This whatsapp helps you to make your whatsapp more private as it has many privacy options. Freeze last seen is one of the in which you can turn off your last seen status so no one can see you last seen.

No Foreword Tag

It is also a privacy feature in WhatsApp Fouad in which you can remove forward tags from forward messages. When you can send a received message as a forward message then it will be received with a forward tag attached with messages to the receiver, this feature will remove this forward tag from your forward post. This feature is also available in another whatsapp mod called Blue WhatsApp. WhatsApp FM also Has same features with extra security options.

Call Privacy

Fouad WhatsApp has the best call privacy feature in which you can block any number from calling you. As you know in official whatsapp every one i allow to call you but in this whatsapp mod you can easily block or stop anyone you want to call you.

See Anyone Status

This is the most demanding and favorite feature of whatsapp users in which you can see everyone’s status. If someone applies a privacy policy that you can not allow them to see their whatsapp status, then you have this feature in WhatsApp Fouad allows you to see their status.

Anti Delete Messages

An Amazing chat privacy feature that can help you to prevent others from deleting messages from your chat. If someone sends you a message and deletes it for everyone immediately then the official whatsapp message will also delete from your inbox. So this whatsapp mod feature prevents senders from deleting messages from you. There are some other whatsapp mods like Whatsapp Gold which have the same messaging features.

Blue Tick After Reply

When you send a message to anyone you will show message status like single tick means your message is sent, double tick means you message is received, and if double blue tick appears it means receiver read or seen your messages, WhatsApp Fouad this feature to block read notification. When anyone sends you a message they will not see double blue tick even when you see the messages it will only show when you will reply to them.

Security Features

Security features are one of the most important features to make your chats and personal data secure. This whatsapp mod have different security features that can make you whatsapp more secure, now you can set password lock to your chats, in other security options you have PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint you can use one of them or enter in your personal whatsapp, you can also add security question which is more helpful if you forget the password.

New Theme

WhatsApp Fouad gives you multiple themes, this mod has a built-in theme store in which you have almost 50 unique and updated themes for free. You can use a customized theme for your whatsapp to give it a new look.

Stop Media Saving

If you are facing a memory issue in your phone then this is the feature that you need to maintain your memory, in this feature you can stop auto media saving. For example if you received any media file whatsapp stops it to download auto if you want to download then it will come on your phone memory otherwise it will not consume any space in your phone memory.


This whatsapp mod has its own advanced backup feature in which you can make a backup of your chats and use the theme in a single click. If you want a more enhanced backup feature you can check GB whatsapp Pro apk for android.

Extra advanced features

  • Increase media sharing limit.
  • 80+ App icons.
  • 50+ notification icons available.
  • 50+ font styles are added.
  • Incoming call privacy.
  • Customize home screen.
  • Hide Typing & Recording status.
  • Hide your appearance from the view status list.
  • Custom wallpaper

Personal Experience

We experienced many whatsapp mods in the last 5 months and found WhatsApp Fouad more reliable and its features are amazing according to the latest social messaging apps. Some other mods also have great features like WhatsApp IMUNE Apk also have advanced features and another mod whatsapp NA apk Latest version, i found WhatsApp Fouad is light weight that can not make many extra load on your mobile phone and run smoothly. In our 5 month experience we never find any bug or error in this mod and it also has anti block features which can protect it from blocking.

How to download And install Fouad WhatsApp in android


Please make a backup of your official whatsapp before removing.

It is very easy to download and install WhatsApp Fouad for your android devices.
Please follow some simple steps:

  • Download the apk file from the download button.
  • Open file and press install.
  • File will take few seconds to install
  • Once installation is complete, open the file from the home screen.
  • Now allow all required permissions.
  • Enter your mobile number and tap on verify.
  • Otp will receive your number.
  • Put that otp and start using your whatsapp.


This whatsapp has many extra advanced features as compared to official whatsapp messenger, you can use many privacy features and customization in all aspects. You can make privacy on calls, messages and status according to your needs. You have many themes and wallpapers that give you a totally new look to your whatsapp, you also have an amazing security feature in which you can make your whatsapp more private. You can download this whatsapp from our website and install it in a few simple steps. It can change your way of using whatsapp and give it a new mad modern look that can make a great user experience for you.


Fouad WhatsApp is the mod version of whatsapp messenger with many extra new features.

Yes, it is totally safe to use. You can use it without any worries.

You can download the Fouad whatsapp from the given download button on our site.

You can visit our website to check the latest version of whatsapp Fouad and download the latest version.

Yes it is totally free of cost you don’t have to pay any cost for this whatsapp mod.

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