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WhatsApp Gold gives you more privacy options and multiple customizations in your whatsapp which are not available in official whatsapp, it provides you advanced messaging experience and other enhanced features to improve your social experience, it is totally free of cost with all premium features.

Android .08+

Version: v30.10

65.54 MB

You are searching for the best whatsapp mod and confused to find the perfect one then you are at the right place please keep reading this article we are going to explain all the features of the WhatsApp mod which is known as Gold WhatsApp.

This article also helps you to download, install and even in using this whatsapp because we are going to explain each and every thing about Gold whatsapp this is the most famous and download mod version of whatsapp.

Gold Whatsapp apk

What is WhatsApp Gold?

Gold WhatsApp is a newly launched modified version of official whatsapp which comes with unlimited exciting features and customization just like KB whatsapp new version. This whatsapp version is developed by the third-party developer name Nasser.

This Gold WhatsApp is the most famous mod in whatsapp mods which helps you to use your desired features which are not available in other whatsapp, it is a trusted mod version which has been used by thousands of people and they have incredible views for this version.

Application Information

App Name WhatsApp Gold
Size65.54 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Latest Features
Downloads 10000000+
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

WhatsApp Gold Download Latest Version V30.10

Gold WhatsApp Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 and above
iPhoneiOS 12 and above
KaiOS2.5.0 and above

Main Features

Hiding your Appearance

This is a modified version of whatsapp officially so it has many features that are not in simple whatsapp. In this mod you can hide you appearance even you can see other availability,

Use Multiple Accounts

As you know simple whatsapp does not allow you to use multiple accounts like Facebook or Instagram, but this modified version gives you the feature of using multiple accounts in the same application and even you can switch between these accounts easily.

Auto Reply

If you are searching for an auto reply feature in whatsapp then this is for you, in Gold whatsapp you can set a message for reply so that whenever you will receive a message auto reply will send to the sender. you can also download GB whatsapp latest version with same features.

Offline in one click

Gold whatsapp has many exciting features with many customization options, here we introduced you a great feature in which you can offline your whatsapp with just a one click without turning off your mobile data. In this feature you can just put your whatsapp offline and use mobile data.

Bulk messages

You must be surprised to know that in this Gold WhatsApp you have a great feature in which you can send messages to multiple contacts easily you don’t need to send messages one by one and waste too much time in this process,

Send Direct messages

If you are going to send messages without saving his/ her number in your contacts, official whatsapp does nor allow you to send the message, but this modified whatsapp has the feature in which you can easily send messages to any number even that are not saved in your contact list.

Special Privacy

This Gold Whatsapp gives you unlimited privacy options you can hide your appearance, select contact and assign them privacy like they don’t call you or message you, hide you last seen even you can see everyone’s last seen, you can also hide activity settings, these wonderful features are not available in official whatsapp.

No more forward tags

Whenever you send any message from your chat you can tab and forward the message to any contact then you and receiver can see the forward tag at the top of the message, now if you are using the Gold whatsapp you can forward any message without any forward tag.

Who can call you

To avoid the scamming call Gold WhatsApp introduced this feature to ensure the security and privacy, now in Gold Whatsapp you can make privacy to your calls and set this option that who can call you and who can not, this feature makes your whatsapp more private and secure.

Anti view once

You know that official whatsapp has a feature in which you can send any message and the receiver can view that message only one time after that message will disappear permanently, so Gold WhatsApp introduced a feature in which this type of messages can still remain in chat even after receiver sees the message.

App lock

In this mod version of whatsapp you have very advanced security features so you can make your whatsapp more secure you can use built in locks in which you have fingerprint, PIN lock or Pattern lock.

Special themes

There is a single theme in green official whatsapp so you have no options to change that theme in gold whatsapp there are multiple themes that you can change on your choice and all the themes are free of cost you don’t have to spend any then for those themes.

Customize color options

In this modified version you have many customization options you can change or customize any thing of your choice in the same way you can change colors of your background, fonts, keyboard and even whole theme color.

New Features in the Latest Version

  • You can poll in Groups chat.
  • Now you can share multiple media files.
  • Added Urdu language.
  • Translation Improvements.
  • Anti Baan feature improvements.
  • Draw from pen features.
  • Add new privacy features.
  • Fixed all Bugs.

Top 10 Features of Gold WhatsApp

There are many amazing features available in Gold WhatsApp but now i am going to discuss the most favorite and trending features which can take you towards Gold WhatsApp.
Here are the following features:

  • This whatsapp allows you to poll in groups.
  • Fast react to anyone’s status.
  • Now you are able to see who can leave the group and when.
  • New privacy features added.
  • who can see your online visibility.
  • Admin can remove messages from groups.
  • Improve group security.
  • Auto replay feature.
  • You can download anyone’s status.
  • New emojis,stickers and Gifs are added.

Personal Experience

Everyone is talking about whatsapp mods so i also tried some whatsapp mods with different features, these are custom whatsapp developed by different developers, when i download and install these mods i will find that Gold WhatsApp updated version have some extra features as compared to others not available in market. It has more advanced features like you can increase your privacy, you can set beautiful themes and other wonderful options. I feel very comfortable and relaxed regarding my privacy issues after using this whatsapp mod. Some other mods are also recommended like whatsapp GB have leading features, king whatsapp also have more satisfactory features.

How to install WhatsApp Gold in Android

Downloading and installing Gold WhatsApp is very easy and totally based on some simple steps.
Here are few steps to follow:

  • Please make a backup of your chats before converting your official whatsapp to this mod version.
  • Download the mod file from the mention download button in the article.
  • Go to the setting in your android phone and go to security and allow third party App installation.
  • Now open the downloaded file, pop-up will appear then click on install.
  • Installation will start and complete in a few seconds.
  • Now open the install app from your home screen.
  • Enter your mobile number to verify your number with whatsapp.
  • When all these steps are completed, now you can enjoy Gold WhatsApp features.

How to install Gold WhatsApp in PC

If you are going to install whatsapp mod in your pc you have to install an emulator first in your pc which can help to install an APK file in your pc.

You have to follow these steps:

  • First of all Install any emulator in your PC like Bluestacks.
  • Now download the whatsapp mod apk file from our website.
  • Open the emulator on your PC.
  • Now drag and drop the apk file from your computer to the emulator.
  • Now open the file in the emulator.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Installation process will start.
  • After installation will complete you can open the install file.
  • Enter your mobile number to verify.
  • Now your whatsapp is ready to use.


Gold WhatsApp stands out as a remarkable alternative to the official WhatsApp, offering multiple advanced features that enhance your messaging experience and improve your privacy. Developed by Nasser, this trusted mod version has gained popularity among thousands of users for its incredible features. Gold WhatsApp empowers you to customize your WhatsApp like never before, with features such as hiding your appearance, using multiple accounts, and even setting auto-reply messages. Moreover, it simplifies the process of managing your privacy and security, allowing you to decide who can contact you and who cannot.. The best part is it is totally free of cost. If you’re looking to take your WhatsApp experience to the next level, Gold WhatsApp is the mod is best choice for you.


WhatsApp Gold is modified version of official Whatsapp with new advanced features that are not in simple green whatsapp.

Yes, Gold Whatsapp is a trusted mod version of WhatsApp that has been used by thousands of people.

Gold WhatsApp provides many privacy options, including hiding your appearance, selecting contacts with specific privacy settings, and many more.

Yes, WhatsApp Gold allows you to use multiple accounts within the same application.

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