How To Use On Your Computer Whatsapp Web Comprehensive Guide

WhatsApp is the top messaging app in the world and its users are increasing day by day as we know that whatsapp has many versions we can use it on desktop, mobile phone and mac book similarly there is option to use whatsapp on your chrome which is known as whatsapp web. This article is all about how to use WhatsApp on computer

In this digital world, instant communication has become an important part of our lives. Among the multiple messaging platforms available, WhatsApp has emerged as a leading application revolutionizing the way we connect with friends, family, and colleagues. While the mobile app has already won the hearts of billions of people worldwide.

How To Use On Your Computer  Guide

In this article, we go through the fascinating world of WhatsApp Web, exploring its features, benefits, and how it has changed the way we interact in the digital area. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s go through the world of WhatsApp Web.

How To Use WhatsApp On Computer

Whatsapp allows its user to use whatsapp on mobile and as well as on their laptops. you have a option in whatsapp web to use your whatsapp on web, it is very essay to use your whatsapp on web and use your personal computer to communicate on whatsapp. you just need a laptop or any computer and mobile phone on which your whatsapp is already installed and login because you have to scan your whatsapp from your mobile whatsapp. we explain step by step that how to use WhatsApp on computer.

How to login to WhatsApp web?

Login to the whatsapp web is quite simple you have to follow given blow steps and make your WhatsApp web ready to use:

How To Use On Your Computer  web
  • First of all open a web browser on your device and go to >
  • QR code i appear on your screen.
  • Now open whatsapp in your mobile phone.
  • Tab the menu button which is on the top right corner on your whatsapp screen.
  • Choose Link devices option.
  • Now your mobile camera is on for scanning QR code, just Scan it from your computer screen.
  • Once QR code is scanned your whatsapp is automatically logged in to your computer.

How To LogOut from WhatsApp Web?

Now it is very necessary to know about how can you log out you WhatsApp from your computer don’t worry it’s also very easy to remove from computer, follow these steps to learn about how to use WhatsApp on computer steps:

  • Click on the three dots which are at the right top of your WhatsApp web chat section.
  • Manu will drop down.
  • You will see the logout option at the end of the Manu.
  • Just click on the logout and your whatsapp will completely logout from the computer.

Download WhatsApp for Windows

WhatsApp has now launched a new feature through which you can download your WhatsApp web application and use WhatsApp on your computer in MacBook and Windows. Downloading this app is very easy. Download and install this application and login your WhatsApp and enjoy your whatsapp on your personal computer. No worries if you have any issue while using whatsapp on computer we explain how to use WhatsApp on computer step by step.

Whatsapp New launched Features

As you know that technology is increasing day by day and new things are being introduced, so WhatsApp is also improving its experience and providing a better and more secure environment to its users.

It provides daily updates and also introduces new features in it. WhatsApp has added many new features. In a short time, all the features were not available in WhatsApp before in which the main feature is that whatsapp has introduced its own WhatsApp channel through which you can create your own channel on WhatsApp and many more WhatsApp features have been introduced.

WhatsApp also introduced a call link for joining calls through call link invitation in which you can create a call link and send it to your colleagues and fellow to join the call with just clicking on the link. This feature is very useful for those who have online meetings with groups of people at the same time.

WhatsApp facilitate its users with too many features that make their social communication more reliable and secure . you have a list of different fantastic features. like you have end to end encryption on your chats that make your personal conversation secure and safe, you can share your daily stories as whatsapp status.

Use Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp provides the best user-friendly interface so there is also a dark interface which you can use by following these simple steps:

  • Open your desired chrome and search for >
  • You will see QR code on your computer screen. Scan QR code from your mobile phone and you will login to WhatsApp web.
  • Click on the three dots which are at the top right corner of your contacts section.
  • Manu will dropdown.
  • Select settings and you will see the theme option in it.
  • Select theme option and change your theme from given options.


This article is a compressive guide on how to use WhatsApp on computer with essay steps, you can use whatsapp on your personal computer with the help of whatsapp web. WhatsApp web allows you to connect your whatsapp with different devices and make your Conversation more essay. Whatsapp web is a same whatsapp that you use on your mobile it will appears on laptop screen and sync all data. you must have your whatsapp on your mobile so you can scan it from mobile to login in whatsapp web. WhatsApp Web explores its features, benefits and how it has changed the way we interact in the digital world.


Open whatsapp on web and select you linking device and scan QR code.

no, if you want to use whatsapp on your laptop without scanning QR code you have to install emulator for that then on emulator you can install whatsapp Apk file and use whatsapp.

yes you can use whatsapp on chrome in whatsapp web.

no, you have your mobile on with whatsapp in logged in to scan QR code.

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