How To Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world with more than 200 million active users who use WhatsApp for messaging, which is about 30 percent of the world’s population.

WhatsApp comes with a lot of messaging features and social communication features which it provides free of cost to its users but there is no customization of the features that are provided to you by WhatsApp you have to adjust yourself with its limits and restrictions. Many people are searching download view Once images/videos on WhatsApp.

Similarly there are limitations on many features of WhatsApp which you have to follow the limits to use and in addition there are limited themes for WhatsApp which you can use. Or new themes can neither download nor be used.

View Once

So to meet all these shortcomings and to provide users with a best platform where they can do their own customizations, make their own changes and give their WhatsApp a new look as they wish. To fill all the gaps, WhatsApp Advanced versions have been introduced, including GB WhatsApp, FM, WhatsApp, King WhatsApp and many more WhatsApp Apks are available that provide you with extra features.

There is another WhatsApp Apk called JT WhatsApp latest version have done all the things that can be found in any WhatsApp like limits have been increased, new privacy features have been added and many such new and advanced components have been introduced.

What is View Once Images/videos on WhatsApp?

There is a feature through which you can share any image or videos with any of your loved ones and send it with a view Once filter, then the receiver will see it once and then it will disappear from his chat.

View ones Feature first introduced by snapchat and after that it spread and was introduced in other social media apps and now it is also present on whatsapp.

View one which was first introduced by snapchat and after that it spread and was introduced in other social media apps and now it is also present on whatsapp.

Download View Once Images/videos on WhatsApp?

There are many methods used to save or download Anti View Once video and images, some methods are working and some are expired along with the updates of WhatsApp, so let’s talk about the working methods. Through which one can easily download View Once images/videos.

Now if we talk about how to Download View Once Images/videos on WhatsApp. Then there are many methods of downloading that include taking a screenshot of the images and recording them to save them.

Such methods stop working as well as updates of WhatsApp get expired so the best way is to use GB WhatsApp lite new version to Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp as it has many new extra options. It provides features such that you can download any video or images you receive with View once.

Along with this, we would recommend you to never share your personal and sensitive data including videos and images on these platforms whether it is new extra WhatsApp or original WhatsApp.

With GB WhatsApp you can easily download View Once Images/videos on WhatsApp at any time without any restrictions, you just need to download GB WhatsApp APK file and install it in your phone.

How To Download View Once Images/Videos With GB Whatsapp.

To download Anti view Ones video from GB WhatsApp you guys have to follow the following steps:

  • The first and most important thing is to download the latest version of WhatsApp GB and install it on your phone.
  • After downloading it, turn on installation from unknown resources in your phone to install the GB Whatsapp APk file.
  • Now register it with your mobile number and provide the required further details.
  • After installing WhatsApp GB, now tap on the three dots and open WhatsApp GB settings.
  • Now tap on Privacy & Security option in WhatsApp GB settings.
  • Now turn on the anti view once option from here.
  • Now when you receive any view once image or video it will automatically give you a download option through which you can download it easily.
Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp  step 1
Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp  step 2
Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp  step 3

How To Enable View Once Feature In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a huge messaging platform that is used by a huge number of people all over the world. Download View Once Images/Videos On WhatsApp is also a newly introduced feature of WhatsApp through which you can send images and videos to any of your loved ones or any contact by using view once option.

Whenever you send a live image or send a video to someone, it is shown to the receiver one time as soon as the receiver opens and views it, it will not be opened for a second time.

Now if you are wondering how you can use this feature and how difficult or easy this feature is to use then you don’t need to worry we will guide you step by step how to use it. Just follow these steps:

  • The first step is to update your WhatsApp and check that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version.
  • After that click on the file icon in the typing bar to share content from where you can upload an image or video.
  • After selecting the image or video you will see a small icon next to your send button.
  • Now as soon as you tap this button it will convert to green which means your image and video is encrypted and the View Once filter is applied.
  • Now click on the Simply Send button and your image and video will be sent with the View Ones filter which will disappear from the user’s chat once they have viewed it.


This article will be enough for you to understand how to Apply a view once image and video filter and also how to download view once Images/Videos on WhatsApp with all these features. All WhatsApp Apk are also available which provide many new and advanced features but we have given a complete discussion on how we can download video or image from WhatsApp and which methods can be used. In addition to downloading it, if we want to send a view once video or images, what are the steps and how can it be sent easily so we hope you understand all these things. And if there is any lack of understanding or confusion then you can tell us in the comment section we will try our best to provide you with the possible solution as soon as possible.


You can download View once images and videos on whatsapp simply with different steps: by taking screen shots, screen recording and by using whatsapp mods that have option to download view once image or video like whatsapp GB.

yes, whatsapp GB have anti view once feature.

yes, you can take screen shot of your view once image but this will not work some times as whatsapp improve its privacy in every updates.

you can send view once image or video from your whatsapp by clicking on the view once button which is located next to the next to your send button.

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