Top 10 Whatsapp Features You Must Know About

Whatsapp has more than 3 billion active users that are using whatsapp for their communications and file sharing. There is a variety of WhatsApp features that enhance its functionality and performance.

WhatsApp is the bunch of coolest features that meta introduced for their users to facilitate them in many ways. WhatsApp has a powerful and secure security system for their users to keep their data secure and safe.

Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted so that users data will never be accessible to anyone other than sender and receiver, whatsapp has many more advanced user experiences that can make it more essay for its users.

WhatsApp Features

Today we are going to discuss deeply in whatsapp features and their functions how they work and what are their efficiency how we use then in whatsapp or their are too many whatsapp mods that have also new advanced features that are missed in official whatsapp like WhatsApp GB, FM WhatsApp and more.

whatsapp mods are mostly known for their modified features so these whatsapp features are not available in official whatsapp you have to download whatsapp mods for advanced and modified features.

Top Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp has too many features that can never beat from any other communication application
Whatsapp has updated and advanced features that are the need of hour for today’s users you can see coolest whatsapp features list in WhatsApp are we are going to discuss some top rated features:

Chat Edit

In this feature you can edit your whatsapp send messages, this feature helps you to correct your mistakes after sending messages to anyone. You can edit messages and change messages but edited messages show an edit tag that shows that you make changes in the message. You can edit your whatsapp message within 15 minutes of sending.

Chat Lock

Chat Lock is the best privacy feature for your personal chats and confidential conversations. For using this whatsapp chats lock option simply turn on the chat lock option in your smartphone. whatsapp has many more features in security. When you ON chat lock you have different options to access your chats like you can use passwords, patterns, PIN and fingerprint.

View once photos / videos

In this feature message will disappear from chats when the receiver views the message. This feature also plays a very important role in your whatsapp communication privacy. You can make your privacy more strong with this feature.

High Quality Image Sharing 

Image sharing on whatsapp is too frustrating when it refuses the image quality but now whatsapp introduced HD quality images sharing in which you can now share the same quality images and zero effect on image quality when you share any image with someone through whatsapp. Thin is a new WhatsApp features but most popular feature.

Mute Unknown Calls

Are you tired of receiving unknown calls from unknown numbers ? then this feature helps you to  stop receiving calls from random unknown numbers and you still see the missed call notification on your whatsapp without any vibration and ringing on your smartphone. To activate this feature navigate Settings > Privacy > calls > Silence Unknown calls. 

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp recently added a new channel feature you make WhatsApp channel easily in which you can follow your favorite personalities like other platform channels like YouTube and others. Now you can also get unlimited followers and spread your content with your unlimited audience, you can also interact with channel creator or owner by reacting on their posts such as you can like, comment and share the post. this is a newly lunched whatsapp feature.

Pin Messages 

You are receiving multiple messages on your whatsapp that can make a messi environment so that it is difficult to find any desire / important message from multiple chats so this is the one of the best whatsapp features in you can pin your favorite or important chats and you can make up to 3 chats pin in whatsapp that show in top to the chat list.

Hide Online Status

WhatsApp allows you to hide whatsapp online status that can also be a main key point in your privacy. now you have hiding whatsapp feature So you can hide your online status and make yourself private so your contacts can not see your online appearance in whatsapp.

Backup and restore 

You can make a strong backup for your chats and whatsapp data that make your data secure, so when you change your mobile device or you can delete your message by mistake then you have an option of backup data so now your data is secure in whatsapp.

WhatsApp Status 

Whatsapp has another feature that is whatsapp status in which you can share your status and stories like Facebook reals and Instagram stories. You can upload images, videos and text on your WhatsApp status.


Whatsapp is a bunch of cool features in which you have many charming features to communicate with, you have many privacy features to maintain your proper privacy control. There are multiple chat options, security options, and many more whatsApp features that make whatsapp more reliable and safe as compared to other communication applications. There are all updated and latest features in whatsapp with regular updates so users always have a best user experience.


Yes you can edit your whatsapp message within 15 min.

Yes, you can make both voice and video calls on WhatsApp. Also WhatsApp offers features such as group calls and video conferencing.

To use the group chat feature navigate and tap on the chat icon select “New Group” add participants and create a group. This allows you to communicate, share media and coordinate with multiple contacts in a single conversation.

End-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person you are communicating with can read what is sent and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp. It adds an extra layer of security to your messages and calls.

The Last Seen feature shows the time when a contact was last active. You can control who sees your activity status by adjusting privacy settings in WhatsApp including choosing to share your Last Seen with everyone, contacts, or nobody.

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