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GB Whatsapp Apk Download (Anti Ban) Latest Official Version

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Updated Version

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial modified version of the Simple WhatsApp. It offers some extra features and customization options that are not available in the official WhatsApp. we can make many changes in your WhatsApp GB.

Android .08+

Version: 3.0.6


Nowadays Almost everyone is using WhatsApp for their social communication and file sharing like images, videos, voices, and attachments. But simple WhatsApp did not provide you with some advanced features and you get bored by using the same limited feature.

Now to fulfill your need there is the best option of GB WhatsApp. It is a modified version of simple official WhatsApp with extra advanced features like you can hide your online status, you can undo delete messages and too many options and customization are available in this mod version.

GB WhatsApp Mods

What is GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp mod Apk is a modified version of official WhatsApp which gives you more advanced features like automatic replies, Text broadcast, Message filtering status hiding and much more. As we know that the use of social media apps increase day by day and WhatsApp is the most popular app in all over the world and users have some limited options in official apps users want some moderate option in WhatsApp so that developers make mod versions so that users can use these versions and enjoy the advanced features.

Why you download WhatsApp GB ?

If you are looking for some extra features in your WhatsApp then WhatsApp GB is for you due to its wonderful options and customization it offers you to share large files which are not allowed in simple WhatsApp and too many hidden features. You can also Download FM WhatsApp Updated version That have same features.

Why do we prefer GB WhatsApp ?

If you are looking for some extra features in your WhatsApp then WhatsApp GB is for you as it offers you wonderful options and customization it offers you to share large files which are not allowed in simple WhatsApp and too many hidden features.

This whatsapp version has many new and advanced features that can help to make your whatsapp more controlled as it has many privacy and security features, you have extra new security options which makes your whatsapp more secure. if you want to use advanced features you can also try Fouad WhatsApp updated version.

you can manage you messages in a better way because whatsapp GB MINI has wide list of messaging options in which you can hide read notification, recover deleted messages, seclude messages, anti delete messages and many more options.

Is GB Whatsapp is safe to use ?

As you know that WhatsApp GB is a copy of official WhatsApp and it is created by third party developers, some functions have been modified and some new features have been added in that GP WhatsApp. In order to provide a better experience to the users of the app.

As it is developed by third party developers, we recommend that you do not share your personal data in this app or not use it for confidential purposes. You can use it in your normal routine life and take advantage of its modified features, it has added great new features, you must give it a try.

Application Information

App Name GB WhatsApp
Size69.5 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll modified Features
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

GB whatsapp download Apk Latest Version 19.52.3

GBWhatsApp Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 or above
iPhoneiOS 12 or above
KaiOS2.5.0 or above

WhatsApp GB For iPhone

GB Whatsapp for iPhone is a modified version of whatsapp official for iOS users that has too many new advanced features that are not available in official whatsapp and this whatsapp GB Lite version comes with an anti ban feature that give you more security from banning.

Whatsapp messaging application is very commonly used application which is used for social communication all over the world, so users are searching for some modified features and customizations in their whatsapp as they are using same application from start.

So GBwhatsapp messenger give you new way of messaging with your friends and family and it also give complete control on your whatsapp messaging.

WhatsApp GB For PC

Just like we use our WhatsApp on mobile , similarly we can use our WhatsApp on laptop or PC in this way you can enjoy all the features of WhatsApp GB on your laptop with a big screen and it is very beneficial for those who spend most of their time on the laptop.

To use it on a laptop you first need an emulator whose through which you can install Apk file on it. emulator it it self a android operating application in which you can install and operate android files.

Main Features

Multimedia Sharing Improved

As we know that official WhatsApp does not allow us to share large files with our friends, if we are using simple WhatsApp we face many issues like that we can not send videos and images at once, we have a limit of images and video file size, you can send images with beat quality.

In WhatsApp GB latest version we find options of sending large files at once we can also share status of 7 min instant of 30 sec, we can send audio file up to 100 MB and video files up to 50 MB which is very helpful in daily life routine.

Hide Your Online Presence

Too many peoples are searching for this hiding feature to increase their privacy on WhatsApp but official version of WA not support these features of privacy which are in WhatsApp GB, in the modified apk we have many options to hide and increase our privacy we can hide double click.

we can also hide online status, so many other thing we can hide by using this apk. We can hide written status, audio status etc. official Wa can not offer these features.

New Themes and Accounts

Official WA version can only support some typical themes there is no updates in themes same colors and same interface, same like that we can use only one account at one time if you want to use more account you have to download other helping applications or use clone for that because official version not allowed to use more accounts at same time.

Whereas the GB version makes all these things essay, you can now change multiple themes even if you can use some one’s theme also and customize that according to your need, when we talk about multiple accounts you can also use multiple accounts also in this version.

Auto Reply Feature

If you are using WhatsApp business you have a great feature of auto reply, in this feature you can reply to your contact automatically even if you are not online or available for chat, you can select messages for auto reply. this features is almost available in all whatsapp advanced versions you can download any WhatsApp advanced version in free.

Who can call me

There is feature in this apk which allow you to make a privacy that who can call you in privacy page you can see the button “who can call me” when you chose everyone from this setting it is work as simple official WA but when you set it to only contacts so, you can free from the call of any advertisement companies and enjoy your life.

Download Status

Official version of WA doesn’t allow you to download the status of your contact directly without using any other application. You have to download some extra application for downloading WA status but in this GB WA you can download the status on single click and save it into your phone memory.

Hide Last Seen

You can hide your last seen on whatsapp by using this whatsapp GB because it allows you to make your whatsapp last seen off. As we know that in official whatsapp when we hide over last seen we will not be able to see other last seen because this is built in function in original whatsapp. But now you have a option to make your last seen hide and still you can see other’s last seen.

Recover Deleted Messages

Recover delete Messages is a feature of GBwhatsapp pro in which you can recover your deleted messages so you don’t need to worry about your deleted messages anymore with this WhatsApp Gb Pro you can recover your deleted messages with one click and you can recover all deleted messages.

Anti delete messages

This has often happened to you guys, whenever someone sends you a message and deletes it for everyone before you see it, it is also deleted from your chat . So this whatsapp mode protects all such messages from being deleted so it makes your chat more secure because someone Even if someone sends you a message and deletes it for everyone on their behalf, they will never be deleted from your chat.

Share Live Location

Now you can share your live location through this whatsapp mode, this whatsapp has made it very easy to share live location with your friends and families.

Amazing Fonts

If you are bored of using old WhatsApp fonts and want to change your WhatsApp fonts then this GB WhatsApp version gives you a choice of many fonts and provides a very long list of fonts, from which you can choose any font of your choice and use it.

Hight Image Quality

As you know that whenever we share an image from WhatsApp, its quality goes down, so to maintain the quality of image sharing on WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp has this feature which you can use. By using this you can send any images in same quality.

Multiple Language

In WhatsApp GB latest version you get the option to use many languages ​​through which you can use any language. In this whatsapp version you are provided a list from which you can select the language of your choice. You can convert your WhatsApp to this language by doing this .

Anti Ban

This feature can protect you whatsapp number from blocking in whatsapp as you know there are some whatsapp mods that block your whatsapp number after some time and then you will not be able to use whatsapp on that number so whatsapp GB has a best anti ban feature so you can use it without any worries.

Marked As Unread

WhatsApp GB Allow you to make your receiving message unread after reading it, this feature is not available in official traditional whatsapp.

Filters and Effects

where WhatsApp GB has many new and modified features, it also allows its user to apply different effects and filters on the image while sharing on whatsapp.

New Themes

This whatsapp version give you a huge range of new themes in its theme store that can help you to make your whatsapp unique and more attractive. As we know that official whatsapp has only two themes in its theme list.

Schedule Messages

This feature is very helpful for those who have important messages for meetings and clients or for birthday wishers and anniversaries, now you can type a message and make it schedule on your desire time, message will automatically send on the time you set for it.

Bulk Sender

Now you can send unlimited messages to your friends with just a single click. this whatsapp version allows you to send bulk messages.

App lock

GBwhatsapp mod apk allows you to make your whatsapp more secure with its built in security options. this whatsapp version allows you to set a extra security for your personal chats. you can use PIN, Passwords, Pattern and fingerprint to make your whatsapp secure.

New Emojis

There is a new and enhance list of new emojis that are added in your Whatsapp GB Apk that give you a more attractive and under standing conversation on your whatsapp as emojis play important role in explain your emotions in messaging.

GB whatsapp best features

Comparison Between WhatsApp GB APK and Simple WhatsApp

Features WhatsApp GBSimple WhatsApp
Change Icon yesNo
New Security LockYesNo
Anti Delete Message YesNo
Auto Reply YesNo
Remove Forward Tag YesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesYes
Online StatusYesYes
Forward LimitUnlimited5 Chats
Image sharing Limit100 MB30 MB
File Sharing Limits 1000 MB100 MB
Bulk MessageYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Theme StoreYesNo
Status Download YesNo
Home Screen Name YesNo
Home Screen StatusYesNo
New Fonts YesNo
New Stickers YesNo
New WallpapersYesNo
Schedule MessagesYesNo
Share Live Location YesYes
Multiple LanguageYesNo
Marked As Unread YesNo
Infographic GB Whatsapp

New Feature Added

  • More Anti Ban Protection
  • Enable Edit messages.
  • It’s Free.
  • Simple Interface.
  • Essay to use
  • You can pin More than 3 Contacts Easily.
  • Mark your favorite data.
  • Essay backup.
  • Amazing theme collection.
  • DND mod supported.
  • Audio call recording.
  • Hide view story.
  • Hide read messages.
  • Hide Online Chat.
  • Hide typing during conversion.

GBwhatsapp Pro v17.20

WhatsApp GB Pro v17.20 has some new modified features which are more useful for any whatsapp user to make their whatsapp messaging app more controlled and customize according to their need and requirements.
We listed some charming features:

  • Auto Reply.
  • Status downloader.
  • Anti Delete messages.
  • Recover Deleted messages.
  • Direct message and calls.
  • Modified status uploading limit.

GB Whatsapp Latest Version

WhatsApp GB is a fantastic whatsapp mod and also a best in all whatsapp mods that provides you a unlimited list of new features and modifications in its latest version you have many customization in its inter face and extra privacy options are added and modified existing options, you have dozens of other options like you can change icon, too many hiding options, new themes, wallpapers, that give a new way of social communication to you. In its latest version you have many other options and they remove all bugs and errors to give their users a best user experience.

Whatsapp GB plus v12

whatsapp GB comes many version as they update their whatsapp on regular basis to improve their quality and ensure best user experience for their users.
Whatsapp GB Plus V12 has extra modified features:

  • Whatsapp Status Downloader.
  • DND Mode.
  • New security features.
  • Advance modification in messaging.
  • Theme store.
  • Increase file sharing limits.
  • Huge list of customization.

How To Update GB WhatsApp?

Update WhatsApp GB is very simple and easy, you can update your current whatsapp GB version with its latest version by downloading updated version from download button an enjoy the most newly modified version of WhatsApp GB.

WhatsApp GB release regular updates to improve their user experience with best features and newly modification so user have a wonderful experience to us these advanced features. Regular updates are very important to improve the quality of features, remove bugs and fix errors to give a errors free messaging experience.

Gb Whatsapp Download Old Version

Gb whatsapp is the best alternative copy of whatsapp official millions of users are using whatsapp GB and enjoying its advanced options, multiple security features, customizations options and many other features that give you a totally new user experience.

WhatsApp GB also have old version as new versions are introduced with new improvements and advanced features so you can use whatsapp modified updates version.

Whatsapp GB have also a regular updates system in which they release regular updates and improve their user experience so whenever they release a new updated version of whatsapp gb we will notify you to update your WhatsApp GB to latest version for that notification please allow notification from our website.

GB WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Gb is the best modified version that can help you to make your whatsapp according to your choice by using the unexplored features of GBwhatsapp. In case of using this whatsapp GB apk in your PC through whatsapp GB web you have to follow some steps:

  • Go to your pc and search whatsapp web.
  • You will see a barcode to join whatsapp web.
  • Go to your whatsapp and navigate linked devices.
  • Tap the link devices button.
  • Now the Barcode scanner is open on your mobile.
  • Scan the web barcode which is on your PC screen.
  • Your complete whatsapp is automatically open in whatsapp web.
WhatsApp Web
GB WhatsApp Web

Personal Experience

If we talk about my experience, since quite some time I was researching about WhatsApp mods because I wanted to use modified functions in WhatsApp and want to make my WhatsApp a complete control WhatsApp. I checked, downloaded and used many whatsapp including whatsapp lite, whatsapp FM, ZE whatsapp and many more whatsapp. After using all of them i got GBWhatsapp Chose the app and I have been using WhatsApp GB since last 12 months it has many modified features and new features. This is the best whatsapp among them so if you want to use any modified whatsapp then my recommendation is that you must use GB whatsapp once.

How to Download GB WhatsApp

We know that most of the people don’t know the process of downloading and installing this version. Most people have a question about where we can download the apk file.

So you can download the apk file from the download button.

WhatsApp GB Download Apk

After downloading its very essay to install the apk file just follow these steps:

Download Whatsapp GB
  • Just go to your WA setting and secure you chat by creating a backup
  • Go to settings>chat backup>Backup.
  • Second step to allow the installation from unknown devices
  • Go to settings>security>Unknown devices and enable it.
  • After that just click the file and install by clicking on install button and wait for some time to complete installation.
  • When installation is complete, open the installed application and allow all the required permissions which are needed.
  • Now your GB WA is ready to login with your Mobile number and enjoy!

GB WhatsApp for iPhone ( IOS )

Where android users are increasing day by day in the same way the iPhone has many users and also we can see a big increment in the number of iPhone users. But iph0one users don’t know how to download the file for IOS. here are some simple steps to download and install the IOS file
Follow there steps:

  • Before doing any thing go to your WA setting and secure you chat by creating a backup
  • Go to settings>chat backup>Backup.
  • Now open the download file and click on Install button.
  • Your file will be installed in a few seconds.
  • When the file is installed just click the file to open it.
  • Login to your account by using your phone number or create a new one of your choice.
  • Enjoy the advanced features.

GB WhatsApp for PC

If you want to download the modified version on your PC you can use that on you pc and enjoy the features of GB VA but before installing the APK file in your PC you have to download an android emulator in your PC for this which supports apk file in your PC.
Please follow these steps:

  • Open the file and install.
  • File will be install in few seconds.
  • Open the installed app.
  • Allow the required permissions .
  • Login to your account.
  • Enjoy WhatsApp GB!


GB WhatsApp is a more modified apk as compared to official version, which is not available on google play store, it solves many problems of users with their advanced features which are not available in simple WhatsApp. If you are looking for WA with a bulk of features of WA and more, this app is for you. This app is the most popular and made by a third party developer that can enhance the features to next level. In the updated version of GB VA you can find almost all the features which are required today.


Yes it is totally safe and secure.

This is completely free for its users.

You can download the latest version from the download button provided in the article above because it is not available on google play store.

You can enjoy multiple features in this application like app lock, privacy option and many more.

this is not original whatsapp, it is a copy of whatsapp go as per google play store polices it is not available on google play store

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